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Welcome to Harvest Moon Indy’s web page. I realize it’s 2018 and every business needs a web page. I really don’t want to be like every other hydro store and download one of my suppliers catalogs

So what I have decided to do is just put pictures up of my store and  have a link to my facebook page. ( I kinda have facebook figured out I’m working on the web page)

I would like too say a few words first.  I am a firm believer that we have to stop putting chemicals and pesticides in our bodies.  Please think about it  I was young when my Father started playing He who has the greenest lawn wins  ( Were no chemical and pesticides used in growing our food back then. Every thing was Organic) It is now many years latter and 3 or 4 generations latter . Do you think it has had an effect on us ?

Well enough of my feelings and beliefs

I am here to aid you in growing your own food.  Its really easy and quite fun and if you have children most really get into it as you can see results daily .

I have been doing this for over 18 years and it still fascinates me. Just remember one thing You can have the so called best lighting system or nutrient  in the industry but the main ingredient is YOU

Thanks for my 5 minutes and have a safe and pleasant day

Harvest Moon – Indy

“Our business is growing”